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Example ASP for a pre-authentication page
Following is an example of a simple ASP for a pre-authentication page. This page is designed to be used in a project that has one authentication field (Id), and five additional sample record fields that are mapped to columns in the sample table: Language, Browser, Queue, Active, and Project.
<%@ Language=VBScript %>
    <meta name=VI60_defaultClientScript content=JavaScript>
      dim Language, Browser
  <body bgColor=linen>
      <h1>Survey Authentication</h1>
    <form name=EntryForm method=post
       <p>Please enter your ID to
          proceed <input id=Id name=Id Type=Text></p>
       <p><input id=Language type=hidden
          Name=Language value=<%=Language%>>
          <input id=Browser type=hidden
          Name=Browser value=<%=Browser%>></p>
       <input type=hidden name=Project value=Example>
       <p><input Type=Submit></p>
The page contains only one visible text input field: for the Id authentication field. The page has three hidden input fields:
Language and Browser, which collect information about the language and browser used by the respondent.
Project, which is preset to the name of the project, which in this case isExample.
The information collected in all of these fields (except the Project field) is available to the script as sample fields and is saved in the sample table when the sample record is written. The Project field is recognized as a special field by UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server, and it is not included in the sample fields. The Queue and Active sample fields are internal fields that must not be collected from the respondent. sample management provides the values for these fields.
A name is not defined for the Submit input field, because we do not want it to be included as a sample field, and all of the fields that have names are automatically included as sample fields.
Authentication page in browser
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
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