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Interview scripting reference
Project and interview properties: Describes the full collection of project and interview properties available for interviewing projects.
Question limits: Lists the minimum and maximum values for the question types you can define in an interview script.
Default templates: Describes the default templates that will be used for displaying interview pages when no project-specific templates have been named.
Template XML schema: Describes the XML code that is substituted for tags used in interview scripting templates.
Interview Object model: Describes a component that performs various tidying and conversion tasks required for creating an .ivs file out of a questionnaire document.
Sample Management Object model: Describes the objects, methods, and properties of the interview object model.
Sample Management Object model: The sample management component manages the sample records for the participants in a survey. This section describes the sample management objects, methods, and properties that you can use when writing sample management scripts.
Quota Object model: You can define a customized quota control system in the sample management script. This section describes the quota objects and their properties and methods.
Interview Database Binder object model: Provides support for unbounded loops and access to unexpanded arrays by exposing the IInterviewDatabaseBinder interface; this component is available for both VDATA and HDATA identifiers.
Interview Services object model: Interview Services Component.
CaDSClient Interview Services object model: CaDSClient Component.
Salesforce Interview Services object model: Salesforce Service Component.
Database Connection Interview Services object model: DBConnection Service Component.
The _Console object for Interviewer
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