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Boolean responses
The HTML code for boolean responses is:
<span style="display: inline-block;">
  <input type="SelectionType" name="Ref" class="AnswerType"
      style="margin-left: 1em;" value="TF" [checked=""]></input>
SelectionType is radio if a pair of true and false (yes/no) buttons are required, or checkbox if a single true (yes) check box is required.
Ref is the internal name that UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server assigns to the category. This has the form _Qqname_Fsettiing,where qname is the question name.settiing is either "true" or "false". When a single check box is used, settiing is always "true".
AnswerType is mrSingle for two radio buttons or mrMultiple for a single check box.
TF is either true or false. When the response list is two radio buttons, you will have two entries, one whose value is true and the other whose value is false. When the response list is a single check box, the value is always true.
The checked="" attribute is present only when the question already has an answer (usually after a snapback or restart) and marks the respondent's current answer. This causes the radio button or check box for that answer to be preselected when the question is displayed.
For example, the question:
Newsletter "Click the check box if you would like to receive our online newsletter." boolean;
<span style="display: inline-block;">
  <input type="checkbox" name="_QNewsletter_Ftrue"
      class="mrMultiple" style="margin-left: 1em;"
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