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Sample Management Object model
The sample management object model creates and manipulates respondent records as defined by the functions in the sample management script. For example, you can use sample management to move records between queues as a way of tracking the status of each respondent over the course of the interview. This section describes the object model and the properties and methods of each object.
When creating sample management objects, always use the Create methods of the object in its collection. You must never use the generic VBScript CreateObject or New commands, because these commands do not enable you to control the process in which the object is created. This means that the object might be unusable by sample management.
Do not use the names of methods or properties in the object model as the names of local variables in the sample management script as this will cause the script to fail. In many cases, failure does not occur at the point at which the variable is first mentioned, but rather at some point later in the script when the variable's value is used.
Sample object model
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