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Importing removed projects
To re-import projects that were previously removed
1 Click Import on the Project List window toolbar, or press ALT+I. The Open window appears.
2 By default, the Open window displays only files with a*.dpz extension. Removed project packages have a *.dppextension.
3 Type *.dpp in the File name field, and then press Enter. Any existing *.dpp package displays in file list.
4 Select the appropriate *.dpp package to import and click Open.
Each *.dpp package is created when the project is deleted or unassigned. Because *.dpp packages are identical to *.dpzpackages, you can restore deleted packages by changing the file extensions from*.dpp to *.dpz. The *.dpp packages are saved in:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\UNICOM\Intelligence\<version_number>\Interviewer\Archive
Each *.dpp package includes these items:
cache files (*.chj)
case data files (*.ddf)
audit data files
project files
respondent files (images and audio files).
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