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Configuring Interviewer Console views
You can customize views for both the Case List and Participant Information pane within Interviewer Console.
To sort the Case List
By default, the Case List is displayed in sequential order beginning with the first created case. The case order can be organized based on the values within a specific display field column. Cases can be organized in ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the Case List column headings.
Clicking the same column heading a second time inverts the project list's order.
To set the column widths
To change the width of a column, drag its right edge to the new location.
To change the order of the columns
A Case List column can be moved among, and inserted before or after, other columns in the list. To move a column, drag it to the desired location.
Changing the Case List column order does not change the Participant Information pane row order. The Project Information pane only lists the display field information in the order in which the display fields were originally activated.
To display and hide the Participant Information pane
To display the Participant Information pane, click Project Information on the View menu, or press Alt+V.
To remove the Participant Display from view, you can:
Click X on the right side of the pane’s title bar.
Deselect Project Information from the View menu, or press Alt+V.
Right-click the pane’s title bar and then click Hide, or press H.
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