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Importing case data
The data for cases that were created by another operator can be imported into your personal UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer Case List. Another operator might not have completed the imported cases and as a result, you need to complete entry. When working with a Data Entry project, another operator might have completed Initial Entry for the cases, which now require your verification.
When a case data package is saved, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer creates a Deployment Package file with the extension .dpz. The Deployment Package file is then forwarded to you and requires importation into UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
To import a Deployment Package in Interviewer Console
1 Select Workflow > Transfer > Import Package. An Open window for file selection displays.
2 Browse and select the file that you want to import, and then click Open.
Once the package file is opened, the Interviewer Console Case List updates to include all imported cases.
When you are working in an environment that employs UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Remote Admin and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console, importing is performed automatically when cases become available. For more information, see UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console.
When working with a Data Entry project, your view of cases might depend on the current Interviewer Console Data Entry mode. To ensure that you have received all required cases, change entry modes to view cases that might be in different entry process states. For more information, see Entry modes and Case List.
Opening a case data package in Interviewer Console follows a similar process, but is not the same, as opening a project package via the Project List. For more information about opening a package that contains project‑level files, see Importing a project.
When importing a batch, you cannot import case data if the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer batch already contains case data.
When importing case data, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer matches both the project name and server cluster URL to determine if the project already exists. Project URLs are considered matching if any of the project URLs match (primary-primary, secondary-secondary, primary-secondary, secondary-primary).
It is possible to have duplicate project names because projects are qualified by both the server cluster URL and the project name.
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