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Deleting a case
Interviewer Console allows you to delete or remove cases from the Case List.
Manual case deletion
To delete a case, do one of these:
Right-click a case and select Delete Case (or press D).
Click the case, and then select Delete Case from the Case menu, or press Alt+C, D.
You cannot delete a case by highlighting it and pressing Delete. You also cannot delete cases in projects that include participant records.
Once deleted, the case is removed from the Interviewer Console Case List. The deleted case data is archived and is included in any data file that is deployed to another operator or output file for analysis. For more information, see Creating a package for deployment and Creating a data file for analysis.
Case deletion via deployment
When data is selected for deployment to another operator, the cases are removed from Interviewer Console once the Deployment Package File (.dpz) is saved. For more information, see Creating a data package for deployment.
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