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Viewing batch properties
Batching is a feature that can only be used with a Data Entry project, or the Data Entry portion of a multi-modal project.
You can view a batch’s properties in Interviewer Console by opening the Properties window.
To view a batch’s properties
Select Properties from the Workflow menu, or press Alt+W, P. The Properties window displays
Properties window: Basic view
The Basic view is the default Properties window view. The Basic view only provides the batch name.
To exit without making any changes, click OK or Cancel.
To change the batch name, type the new name, and then click OK.
To cancel the batch name edit, click Cancel, or press Alt+C.
To change to the Advanced view, click Advanced.
Properties window: Advanced view
For information about what the Advanced view displays, see Create Batch window: Advanced view.
Click OK, or press Enter, to confirm new batch property information. Once confirmed, you are returned to Interviewer Console.
Click Cancel, or press Alt+C, to cancel any changes made to the batch properties. You are returned to the Interviewer Console.
To change to the Basic view, click Basic.
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