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UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer interface
The UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer interface comprises some windows that navigate a user toward the collection of data.
Project list
List of projects that are active for a user when they access UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer. The Project List can be used to import and open projects for data collection, transfer projects to other users, and delete projects. When a project is opened, the Case List window for the project appears.
For more information, see Project List.
Interviewer Console window
Once a project is opened, the Interviewer Console window displays a list of cases, or data records, for individual documents or interviews that have completed, or are in the process of completing, data collection.
Interviewer Console can be used to create and manage case groupings (or batches), save and transfer data files, and select the entry mode for keying documents. When a case is opened from Interviewer Console, the Data Entry Player appears.
For more information, see Interviewer Console window.
Date Entry Player
Interface for manual data entry.
For more information, see Data Entry Player.
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