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Project List window
The Project List window displays a list of active projects on your computer. For more information, see Project List interface.
The Project List is launched from the Interview Console window (see Interviewer Console window) when UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer is launched. It also can be brought into view if you are working in the Interviewer Console.
When you close the Project List window, Interviewer Console remains in view. When you logout, exit, or close the Interviewer Console window, you effectively exit UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
view individual cases in Interviewer Console and perform interviews
import a new or updated project into UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer
bundle one or more projects for deployment to other operators
delete a project from the Project List
change how the Project List organizes and displays projects
view project and batch synchronization status, define synchronization settings, and synchronize projects and batches
deploy projects to other operators
Project List interface
Project List
Project Information pane
Synchronization view
Project List toolbar
Configuring Project List views
Opening a project
Importing a project
Creating a package for deployment
Deleting a project
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