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Importing multiple data sets
You can import multiple data sets. When importing a *.dpz file, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer checks whether there is an existing data set for the project or batch. If there is an existing data set, the Project Import dialog opens, with these options.
Append imported data file
When selected, case data from the *.dpz file is added to the existing data. Only records with a unique Respondent.ID are imported into the current data set. Duplicate Respondent.IDs are not added as duplicates to the case list.
All log and cache files are copied from the imported deployment package.
Open project list after successful import
When selected, the project list is automatically displayed after a successful import.
Show history
When selected, the project's import and export history is displayed in the project list.
When merging data, the cache files from the *.dpz are imported and the case list is updated to reflect the new data that was merged into the existing data set.
Importing a project