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Reopening a case for data entry
Interviewer Console enables you to reopen cases to:
continue entry for a case that was previously suspended (entry was not completed)
review and edit a case’s keyed data.
To open a case
Double-click the case in the Case List.
The Data Entry Player opens.
When a case is suspended and not yet complete, the Data Entry Player transports you to the first un-keyed variable in the question routing. From there, you can continue keying the remainder of the interview variables. If you can view a case in the Case List, you can also open it to continue entry even if you were not the original keying operator.
If the case was completed and you want to review or edit the case, the player displays the first variable in the question routing.
When using the Data Entry Player, the Question List panel contains all of the previously keyed variables. For more information, see Question List panel. The Question List can be navigated to review the responses and, if needed, select a variable to edit. For more information, see Editing a completed case.
Interviewer Console window