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Changing a case’s entry status
Suspended Entry status
“Suspended” means that a case is in-progress, and therefore not yet completed in a specific entry mode.
A case can have a status of “Suspended” by:
Creating a new case: In Live Interviewing mode or in Initial Entry mode for a Data Entry project.
Creating a new case: For Initial Entry.
Reopening a case for data entry: To continue entry or edit previous entries (any mode).
Starting case verification: In Partial or Full Verification mode for a Data Entry project.
Suspending case entry: Exiting from the Data Entry Player before a case is completed.
Completed Entry status
“Completed” means that a case has all available (on-path) variables keyed in a specific entry mode.
A case’s entry status can only be changed to “Completed” for a Data Entry project, or in the Data Entry portion of a multi-modal project.
To change the case status to “Completed”, do one of these:
complete the case entry in Data Entry Player (all available interview questions are keyed)
change the entry status for a case that is currently suspended.
Changing the entry status for a suspended case
A case that is “suspended” in a specific data entry mode can have its status modified to “completed” without having to key any additional variables in the Data Entry Player.
A situation where this feature is useful is when an interview respondent answers a very low volume of questions (the respondent does not complete the survey) but still needs to be included among the raw data and/or project ending sample. Instead of requiring you to key a potentially high volume of unanswered variables in Data Entry Player, you can key only the variables that have responses present and exit the survey when finished.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer considers the survey incomplete for keying, and therefore the entry status is initially labeled as Suspended. You can change the entry status to Completed, allowing the case to be deployed to another operator or included in the data file for analysis. This feature is intended to help you save time and costs.
To change a suspended case’s status to “Completed” in Interviewer Console:
1 Click the case in the Case List.
2 On the Case menu, click Case Status, or press Alt+C, T.
3 Click the available (bold) option in the Select Case Status submenu.
You can also right-click the desired case, and then follow steps 2 and 3.
Once selected, the Case List updates to display the case’s entry status as Completed for the active entry mode.
You can only change the status to Completed for the active mode, and only when the selected case has a current status of Suspended. For example, a case with a status of Initial Entry Suspended can be changed only to Initial Entry Completed; it cannot be changed to Partial Verification Completed or Full Verification Completed.
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