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UNICOM Intelligence JDBC Driver
The UNICOM Intelligence JDBC Driver allows you to read UNICOM Intelligence case data in applications that support Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). The UNICOM Intelligence JDBC Driver contains the following components:
JDBC Service Driver
This component is only available for Windows platforms. The service driver provides a bridge between the JDBC client and the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model component. The service driver handles data requests from the service client driver, and can be installed on the same computer or on one or more remote computers. This allows you to configure one service driver that can be used by many clients. The service driver can reduce network traffic when your case data is located on the same computer where the service driver is installed (all queries occur on the same server). Only the resulting cases are sent to the service client. There might also be performance improvements when the server has a faster processor or more RAM than the service client computers.
Client Service Driver
This component is available for Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. The service client driver provides an interface between the client application, that needs to read the UNICOM Intelligence case data, and the service driver that handles the data request.
System requirements: JDBC Service Driver
Installing the JDBC Driver
Connection string
Updating the JDBC Service Driver to support custom connection property prefixes
UNICOM Intelligence JDBC Driver specification