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Deleting Looks
You can delete Looks that you no longer need using the Look Organizer. However, if you delete a Look by accident, you cannot restore it unless you have made a backup copy of the Look and Look group files. You cannot delete the default Look group or the default Looks in the default Look group.
Do not try to delete a Look by deleting the files associated with it in Windows Explorer.
To delete a Look
1 In the Look Organizer, select the Look.
2 On the toolbar, select Delete.
3 To confirm the deletion, click Yes.
Troubleshooting error messages
Deleting the item has failed because the item is not empty
Look groups. Before you can delete a Look group, you must first delete all Looks, subLooks, and Compound Looks within that group.
Compound Looks. Before you can delete a Compound Look, you must first delete all subLooks within that Compound Look.
Click OK to return to the Look Organizer.
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