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Notes on local file deployment
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer can create files (or packages), composed of projects and data, that can be saved on one computer and loaded onto another without a server connection (synchronization). An UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer operator can save the file to a local storage medium and facilitate file transfer in a variety of ways.
Here are some examples of how files can be transferred locally:
Saving a deployment package to a LAN directory, that another operator can access, and importing the package file from the LAN directory.
Saving a deployment package on a specific computer’s local directory (for example, C: drive). This allows another operator, who shares the computer, to import from the local directory into their personal UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer component.
Saving a deployment package to a removable storage device that can be transported to another operator to import into UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer. Removable storage devices can include (but are not limited to) writable CD/DVD, USB drives, memory and flash cards, and portable hard drives.
Saving a deployment package to a local or LAN directory and posting the file on a portal or FTP site. Another operator can then access and import the package file from the portal or FTP site. This capability significantly increases UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer flexibility and mobility for operations that have multiple users.
A deployment package’s contents cannot be viewed outside of the Interviewer Console environment.