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Saving a Look
1 Click in the table that represents the Look you want to save.
2 From the Paper menu, choose Save Look.
This opens the General Information page of the Save Look Wizard.
3 To save the Look with a new name, enter the new name in the Name box.
4 UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper uses the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper character styles you have used in the Look to identify its type. Check that the type is correct and change it if necessary.
5 To save the Look in a different Look group, select the required Look group from the Group list, or enter a new name to create a new Look group.
6 (Optional.) Enter a description for the Look.
7 For categorical, grid, and numeric grid Looks, click the Advanced button if you want to change the category distribution or category replication.
8 To see a preview of your Look before you save it, click Next.
9 Click Finish.
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