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Other formatting considerations
Although applying Looks and a template completes most of the formatting, a paper questionnaire is more than just a collection of well-formatted questions. A complete document also includes information that is not be part of the questionnaire definition such as headings, company logos, standard headers and footers, office-only information, annotations, and so on.
In addition, there are some formatting tasks that apply to your entire document. For example, changing the base font or line spacing, adding page numbers, and ensuring that the page breaks are logical. You change some of these attributes in the document and some in the template, or by attaching a different template.
There are some formatting tasks that involve both the Looks applied to your document and the document itself. For example, if you have applied Looks that are formatted for a multiple-column page, you must set the number of columns in your document to display the questions in multiple columns. Similarly, if you have applied Looks formatted for a landscape-oriented page, you must set the page setup to landscape.
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