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Adding and changing information
You can add information to any part of your document as long as you add it between the questionnaire items. Do not add information within the bookmarks that indicate the questionnaire items, because it will be lost when you update to a different version of the questionnaire definition or when you apply a different or updated Look.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper sets the paragraph style between items to mr Separator. The paragraph properties set in the active template determine the amount of space between items. If you are adding information between items, you should do so in a new paragraph following the mr Separator paragraph.
If you are adding information such as an introduction, a closing, or headers and footers that you will use with several questionnaires, add the information to the template. Then you only need to write and format the information once and it will be available to all documents that are based on the template.
If you want to make changes to the questionnaire items such as the spelling of a category text, make the changes in the questionnaire definition using the authoring tool. Although it is tempting to make the changes within the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document, making the changes in the authoring tool ensures that the changes are available for all other applications that use the questionnaire definition. It also ensures that the changes are retained in your document when you apply another Look to the item or update the document to another version of the questionnaire definition. Use the Update Document command to transfer the changes from the authoring tool to the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document.
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