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“For office use only” information
You can add texts and graphics to your document if they are not already part of the questionnaire definition or the template. Usually, this information is at the beginning or end of the questionnaire. Typically, it contains space to record information such as the date and time of the interview, a number to identify the interviewer, or the interviewer's name. Sometimes this information also contains general instructions to the interviewer or respondent, or standard opening and closing statements.
You can add information anywhere in your document as long as it is not within a questionnaire item. If the information will be used in different questionnaires, add the information to a template rather than adding it to every document. By including it in a template, it will automatically appear in every document that is based on that template. If you add standard texts or graphics to the body of the template, you must add the Questionnaire and Showcards bookmarks to the template. These bookmarks define where UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper will insert the questionnaire items and the show cards, if any have been defined.
However, if the information is being used to collect respondent data, rather than creating it in the template, you should create the questions in the questionnaire definition using one of the authoring tools.
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