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Creating your own house style
You can use the Looks and templates supplied with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper “out of the box”. However, the Looks and templates installed might not reflect your house style, and you might need different styles for different clients and different types of paper questionnaires. You can achieve this by making modifications to the installed Looks and templates or by creating new Looks and templates of your own.
You can change the page setup, including the page size, orientation, and margins. You can also add headers and footers, create office-only information to appear at the beginning or end of paper questionnaires, change the paragraph styles, and so on.
You can change the position and formatting of the Looks, show or hide content from the questionnaire definition, add borders, change the width of the Look, and much more.
Standard phrases
Many house styles specify the phrases to use as instructions to interviewers or respondents, such as Select all that apply or Please specify below. Using conditional substitution character styles, you can define standard phrases once and use them throughout your Looks.
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