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UNICOM Intelligence Quota Setup
You use the UNICOM Intelligence Quota Setup program to define the quota categories and targets that you want to use for a project. UNICOM Intelligence Quota Setup provides the following features:
Questionnaire and sample variables
Quotas can based on categorical, numeric, and text variables from the questionnaire script, as well as on variables present in the sample data.
Independent quotas
Quotas based on a single variable such as gender, age, region or preferred brand. Independent quotas are also known as one-dimensional quotas.
Dependent quotas
Quotas based on a combination of between two and six variables. For example, a dependent quota for gender and age defines targets for gender and age combinations such a male aged 18 to 24, male aged 25 to 34, female aged 18 to 24, and so on. Dependent quotas are also known as multidimensional quotas.
Over quota cells
When a target has almost been met and there are several interviews running that belong in that cell, you can allow those interviews to continue even though the target will be exceeded if all those interviews complete successfully. Interviews that start after the target has been met will be terminated in the usual way.
Counter quotas
Interviews can be counted for a cell without the cell being used for quota control. You can use this type of quota for null, dk, ref and Other Specify categories where quota control is not required.
Table or expression quotas
Quotas can be defined in tabular form or in text form using an expression builder.
Sample management quotas
You can define quotas based on variables present in the sample files. Sample data and questionnaire data can be combined in the same quota if required.
Block setting of targets
Groups of quota cells with identical targets and other settings can be preselected, so that the specifications for those cells can be entered once and then applied automatically to each selected cell.
Reusing quota files
Once you have set up a quota file you can reuse it in other projects that have identical quotas.
For more information about the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin quota control system, see “Quota Control” in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin section of UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library.
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