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Access definition file
The MinimumAccess, MediumAccess, and FullAccess features define the access restrictions that are applied to menu options, dialogs, windows, or other settings in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. The restrictions for each feature are specified in the access definition file, access.xml. By default, this file is installed in this folder:
Default access definition file
The following example shows the default access.xml file installed with UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. The file specifies the three default access levels and their restrictions. The two restricted access levels contain a list of settings, each of which disables access to a specific part of the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter user interface. The FullAccess level has no restrictions and therefore no settings.
The option to view unweighted data is not included in any of the access levels. This option is controlled through a separate option in the User Administration activity. For more information, see Viewing unweighted data.
To disable access to profile tables, add the ProfileTablesDisabled option. This option is not enabled for any of the restricted access levels.
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