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Creating a table document template
When you change properties in the Table Properties dialog, you have the option to apply the changes to all new tables by saving them in a table document template.
To create a template using the Table Properties dialog
1 Use the Table Properties dialog to change the settings that you want to use as the defaults.
2 In the Table Properties dialog, click Set as Default.
3 In the Default Cell Contents dialog, select the box to update the document template, and then click OK.
A new template file is automatically created if one does not already exist, and the changes from the selected tab are saved to the template. When you subsequently save any changes to the template, the template file is updated.
The template file that UNICOM Intelligence Reporter creates is called template.mtd and is saved in a subfolder under your user name, for example:
C:\Users\<your Windows user name>\AppDataRoaming\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\<version>\Survey Reporter\template.mtd
Set as Default affects only the current tab in the Table Properties dialog. To apply the changes for more than one tab to the template, click Set as Default in each tab individually, and follow the same steps.
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