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Options: Display tab
Use the options in the Display tab to control the appearance of the Results tab and to set other options that affect the display in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
Always generate new and changed tables before viewing
Select this option if you want UNICOM Intelligence Reporter to generate results automatically when you select the Results tab. If you clear this option, results are displayed only when you choose one of the Generate options on the Tables menu or toolbar, or press F5 or Ctrl+F5.
Results Display Options
Choose this button to open the Results Display Options dialog, where you can specify how you want your results to look in the Results tab.
Shorten long variable names
If your variable names use namespaces, you might want to display the variables in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter without using the full namespace, to improve the table display. For example, if your variables have names such as CompanyName.DivisionName.SurveyName.VariableName, you might only want the VariableName part to be displayed in the tables you create. To restrict the length of the variables, select a number of levels from the list. For survey data containing grid variables, enter a value of at least 2 to ensure that the full grid name is displayed.
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