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Options: File Locations Tab
Use the options in the File Locations tab to specify the folders used to store templates, images, and other files used by UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
The File Locations tab applies only to UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, not UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Desktop Edition. In Reporter, all standard styles are provided. To customize the style sheet for Reporter, you can create your own stylesheet (.css) and table logo and add it to the user's project folder, shared project folder, or shared folder.
The priority is:
1 User project folder, for example:
[INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Interviewer Server Administration\FMRoot\Users\admin\Projects\project1\Reporter\Styles\
2 Shared project folder, for example:
[INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Interviewer Server Administration\FMRoot\Shared\Projects\project1\Reporter\Styles\
3 Shared folder, for example:
[INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Interviewer Server Administration\FMRoot\Shared\Reporter\Styles\
You must first create the \Reporter\Styles subfolders.
To create a custom stylesheet
1 Start UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
2 Click Open from Interviewer - Server Admin.
3 Navigate to your local user folder, and then click anywhere in the File Name dialog to make the Create Folder option visible.
4 Click Create Folder, and then create a Reporter folder. Click the new folder, click Create Folder, and then create a Styles folder (that is, as a subfolder under Reporter).
5 Click Upload to load your custom stylesheet. The stylesheet must be named defaultstyle.css.
6 Click Upload to load your custom logo. The logo must be named defaultlogo.gif.
7 To make the new style available, close Reporter, and then start it again.
You can also use the UNICOM Intelligence Publish Assets Utility to deploy customized style sheets. Prepare your custom files in the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Server Edition Custom Files subfolder (for example, C:\InetPub\wwwroot\SPSSMR\Reporter\Custom Files\Styles).
Fields on the File Locations tab
Click Browse next to an option, then select a folder or file from the Open dialog to set that folder as the location where Reporter looks for files of the selected type. In the case of the Table logo and Template file options, you must select a specific file of the appropriate type, not just a folder.
Style templates
This is the location of the style sheet (.css) files that control the appearance of the Results tab. By default, style sheets are in:
C:\ProgramData\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Survey Reporter\Styles
You can add your own style sheets to this folder, or you can change this location to point to another folder containing your own style sheets. See Customizing the format of the results for more information.
Table logo
This is the name and location of an image file that displays a logo, or other graphic, on all tables. The file must be in a .png file format. You can also turn the logo on or off using the Display logo option in the Display tab.
Template file
This is the name and location of a template table document file that contains default settings for all new table documents. By default, no template file exists and the Reporter default settings are used. A template file is created automatically in when you select Save as Default in the Table Properties dialog. The default location is a sub-folder under your user name, for example:
C:\Users\<your Windows user name>\AppDataRoaming\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\<version>\Survey Reporter
You can add your own template file to this folder and select it here, or you can browse to a template file in another folder. See Customizing table document templates for more information.
SPSS chart template location
This is the chart template location that is used by the HTML Export component. This location is used when the IBM SPSS Visualization charting engine is selected.
Microsoft Office chart template location (Microsoft Office 2007 only)
This is the name and location of a template file to be used for tables exported to Microsoft Excel 2007. Click Browse to select a template from the Excel 2007 chart template folder or another location.
Wizards location
This is the wizard examples location.
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