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Printing results
You can print the results you create directly from UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, or you can export them to other applications.
Printing directly from UNICOM Intelligence Reporter prints the contents of the Results pane to the selected printer. This is useful if you want a quick printout of your results. The formatting of the printout is equivalent to that provided by the HTML export option. For completed reports, you might prefer to export results to one of the export formats available, which provide alternative formatting options. For further information on exporting results to other applications, see Exporting results.
If you have not generated the results for a table, only the structure of the table is printed. Charts are not printed at all if you have not generated results.
To select the tables to print
1 In the Tables pane:
To print a single table, select the table in the list.
To print a number of tables, use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select them.
To print all tables in a table document, select the table document at the top of the Tables pane, or place the cursor anywhere in the Tables pane and press Ctrl+A.
2 If necessary, press F5 to generate results for the selected tables.
To preview the print output
1 Click File > Print Preview > Results, or press Alt+F, V, R.
2 The Print preview dialog opens. Check whether the printout is as you require it and to see how many pages it contains.
To print results
1 Click Print in the Print Preview dialog, or from the menu, choose File > Print > Results, or press Ctrl+P.
2 Select the printer that you want to use.
3 Select the pages to print using the Page Range options, and set any other options as required.
4 Choose Print.
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