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To change the security setting in Microsoft Office 2007 or later
Ensure that you have the latest Microsoft Office service pack installed. To check this, click Check for Updates on the Microsoft Excel Help menu to display the Microsoft Office Downloads page, where you can download the latest service pack.
Setting the security options in one program does not set them in the other. You might need to follow these steps for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint depending on your existing security settings.
In Microsoft Office 2007, macro security settings are located in the Trust Center.
1 Ensure that UNICOM Intelligence Reporter and all Microsoft Office applications are closed.
2 Open Excel, Word, or PowerPoint,
3 Click the Microsoft Office button.
4 Click the Excel Options, Word Options, or PowerPoint Options button.
5 Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.
6 In Excel, also click Macro Settings.
7 Select Trust access to the VBA project object model.
8 Click OK to apply the setting.
9 Close Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.
For more information, see “Enable or disable macros in Office documents”:
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