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Changing the Microsoft Word export orientation to landscape
The default Microsoft Word export template uses Portrait orientation. You can change this to Landscape in an individual Word document, or you can create your own custom template by editing the default template.
To create a custom Word template with landscape orientation
1 Export an example table to Word, specifying an output file name and folder in the Export File Name field in the Microsoft Word Exports dialog.
2 When the export is complete you will see in the output folder, in addition to the exported Word document, a template file called
3 Open Word, then open (do not open the .dot file by double-clicking on it as this would create a new document).
4 From the File menu in Word, choose Page Setup, then select Landscape in the Orientation section of the Page Setup dialog and click OK.
5 You can make other changes to the template, for example to resize or reposition the logo.
6 Save and close You can save this template in any folder (if you export to a folder and UNICOM Intelligence Reporter finds an existing in the folder, it does not overwrite it, so your changes are not lost) but you might want to save it to the folder where all your other Word templates are stored, and give it a new name. If you rename the template and/or save it to a folder other than the output folder, you must explicitly select the template when you run the export.
7 Using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, run the export again, using the TemplateFileName property of the Export object to specify the path and filename of the amended Word template. selecting the amended Word template in the Apply Word Template field of the Export dialog.
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