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Creating a filter
You can create filters to restrict the cases that are included in a table.
1 Select the table for which you want to define a new filter.
2 Select the Filter pane.
3 In the Filter description field, enter a description for the filter. This will appear as a header in the Results pane. It is a good idea to include the filter conditions in the description, so that you can see what the filter shows when you view the results.
4 If you are working with hierarchical data, you must also set the level at which you want the filter to operate. See Filtering hierarchical data for more information.
5 In the Variables pane, drag the variable you want to use as a filter to the filter area.
6 Set up a condition for the filter; for example, for a categorical variable you can specify that only responses containing a specific category are included in the results. The type of condition you can set up varies according to the type of variable. See Filter conditions for more information.
7 If required, you can add further conditions. See Adding multiple conditions to a filter for more information.
The filter condition is applied to the table as soon as you switch to another pane.
8 Press F5 to generate the results and display the table.
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