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Changing the filter details in table headers
By default, when you add a filter to a table the filter description is displayed in the table's left header. When you are creating complex filters it might be time-consuming to type in a complete description of all the filter conditions. Instead, you can change the table header to show the filter syntax instead of the description. You can also change details of the way that filters appear, and you can change the position in which the filter details are displayed.
To change the header details to show the filter syntax
1 Select the table for which you want to change the header information.
2 Click the Properties toolbar button This graphic is described in the surrounding text..
3 In the Table Properties dialog, click the Header/Footer tab.
The tab displays the existing header and footer definitions for the table. By default, filter information appears in the left header position, after the table description:
{TableDescription \n}{Filters \p}
\p indicates that the standard prefix "Filters" precedes the filter information.
4 Click immediately after \p, and then type \e, so that the header appears as follows:
{TableDescription \n}{Filters \p\e}
The \e option displays the filter syntax instead of the filter description.
To move the filter details to a different header or footer position
1 Select the text {Filters \p\e} in the left header, and then press Ctrl+X to cut it from the header position.
2 Clickin the header or footer position where you want the filter details to appear.
Ensure that you place the cursor outside the curly braces {} of any existing headers or footers.
3 Press Ctrl+V to paste the filter details into the new header or footer position.
4 To save the setting for the table, click OK.
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