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Displaying results and saving your work
There are a number of ways of creating tables to display different views of your survey data. The easiest is to add the variables to the table area in the Design pane.
Display the results for a single variable
1 In the Variables pane, select the found_way variable.
You can move quickly to a variable in the Variables pane by typing the first letters of its name until you reach the one you want.
2 Click Add on the Side area of the Design pane. The variable appears on the side of the table.
3 The table has the description Table1. Click in the Table Description field, and then type:
How respondent found way
You have now finished setting up the table; next, generate the results.
4 Do one of the following:
Click the Results pane.
Press F5
Click the Generate Results toolbar button This graphic is described in the surrounding text..
5 UNICOM Intelligence Reporter generates the results. The table shows the number of respondents who gave a response in each category, and the percentage of the total that each category represents.
You must ensure there is adequate hard disk space (more than 400MB); if not, the population process fails, and this message appears:
Unable to populate tables: Table builder error 1200: Unknown table builder error
Save your results
1 Click File > Save, or press Ctrl+S.
2 Navigate to a folder where you want to save your results.
3 In the File Name field, enter a name for the file, for example, Museum Survey Results, and then click Save.
The file is saved with the file extension .mtd.
Creating crosstabulations
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