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Opening survey data files
You can work with survey data from a large number of file formats. The survey data file is opened read-only, and all the work that you do is saved in the form of a table document (.mtd) file, which references the survey data file.
Opening a survey data file
Click File > Open.
If you are running UNICOM Intelligence Reporter via UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, you cannot open local files. The Open command is disabled, and you can only open files from the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin server (sometimes known as the Accessories server).
Opening a survey data file from the server
1 Click File > Open from Interviewer - Server Admin.
To use this, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter must be already installed on the server.
2 Browse to the survey data file.
This can be one of a number of different file types, depending on how your data has been set up. In some cases, rather than opening the survey data file directly, you open an associated metadata file. This is a file containing information about the survey data file. It enables UNICOM Intelligence Reporter to understand the structure of the case data. If a metadata file exists for your survey data, open the file using the metadata file rather than the case data file. Metadata files are usually in the same folder as the case data file, with the same file name, but with a file extension of .mdd.
3 Alternatively, navigate to the file using Windows Explorer and drag the survey data file (or the associated metadata file if one exists) onto the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter window. (This does not apply to the Web deployment of UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.)
Note You can also drag a survey data file onto the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter executable file in Windows Explorer to open UNICOM Intelligence Reporter and the data file at the same time. (This does not apply to the Web deployment of UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.)
When you open a survey data file, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter also creates a new table document (.mtd) file in which to save the results of your analysis of the survey data. The original survey data file is not affected by the changes that you make using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
Reopening a file
If you have recently opened a file (either a survey data file or a previously saved .mtd file), you can reopen it from the menu. Choose Files > Recent Files, and then select the file from the list.
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