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Variables Folders pane
The Variables Folders pane lists the variables in the survey data file, as well as any new variables that you create. You can select variables from this list to add to the Design pane to create tables, or to the Filter pane to add filters to tables.
The variables are displayed with icons that indicate their type. See Variable type overview for more information.
In large survey data files there can be hundreds of variables, and even in smaller surveys the variables can have obscure names, which makes finding a particular variable difficult. However, the Variables pane has many features that assist you in finding variables.
The Variables pane has two views: the Tree view and the List view. Using either view, you can:
create variables or edit existing ones
select variables to edit
delete variables
rename variables
select variables to add to the Design pane to create your tables
find variables.
Tree view
Using the Tree view, you can:
hide variables that you do not need
move variables to a different position in the list
organize variables into folders
use standard techniques to resize and move the Variables pane in the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter window.
select one or more variables and perform other actions on the selected variables (such as deleting, merging, hiding variables in the list, or adding to a table).
List view
Using the List view, you can:
sort variables.
To change from the Tree view to the List view
Do one of the following:
Click View > Variable List.
Press Alt+2.
Click the List view tab in the Variables pane.
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