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Table properties: Level
Use the options in the Level tab to specify the level to use when tabulating hierarchical data. For details of how to tabulate hierarchical data and examples of generating results at different levels, see Tabulating hierarchical data.
To display this tab, choose Tables > Properties from the menu and click the Level tab.
Fields on the Level tab
The list box lists the names of the valid levels for your table and provides an option to select the default level. The name of the top level is always Top and the names of the lower levels are the same as the names of the corresponding loops.
Default level
This is the level at which a table is generated when you do not explicitly specify the generation level. The default level depends on the level of any filters and of all of the variables that are in the table (including any numeric variables included in the cell contents).
You cannot apply level settings to multiple tables, as the options available depend on the levels available in individual tables.
Restore to Defaults
Sets all the properties for the selected tables to their default values. This affects all the properties in the dialog, not only the ones on the current tab.
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