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Saving profile data
You save profiles in a table document (.mtd) file, together with aggregated tables. By default, both the structure of the table and the results are saved. Profile tables can take up a lot of space, but are relatively quick to generate. You might therefore find it quicker to save the structure of profile tables without the data, and just regenerate the profile tables again as you need them.
To save the structure of profile tables without the data
1 Click File > Properties.
2 In the File Properties dialog, click the Advanced tab.
3 Clear Keep profile data when saving.
Note that only the profile data is discarded; the structure and properties of the profile tables are saved as usual when you save your tables.
To save tables
1 Click File > Save.
2 In the Save dialog, browse to a folder where you want to save your results.
3 In the File Name field, enter a name for the file and choose Save.
This saves both aggregated tables and profile tables.
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