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Adding a statistical test
You can apply a number of statistical tests to your tables to check the statistical significance of your results.
To add a statistical test
1 In the Tables pane, select the table to which you want to apply the test.
Most of the statistical tests are valid only for certain types of table; ensure that your tables meet the restrictions for your chosen test. See the “Details and restrictions” section for the test.
2 If you are applying a paired preference test or a net difference test to a table, the process is slightly different from that for other statistical tests, as you also need to add a row or column to the table to contain the results. Before carrying out the remainder of these steps, carry out the steps in Adding a paired preference or a net difference test.
3 From the menu bar, choose Tables > Properties.
4 Click the Statistics tab, and then select the statistical test that you want to apply to the table.
5 If required, change the significance levels and the minimum and small base values.
6 Click OK.
7 Generate the table: click the Generate table icon This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
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