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Sorting by column significance
You can apply all of the following steps to a table in a single action, using the Sort by Column Significance option:
add a column proportions and column means test to the table with the default significance level (5)
add a minimum p value column to the table
sort rows in ascending order by the minimum p value column
hide rows where the minimum p value is greater than the significance level (greater than 0.05).
If required, you can change any of these settings individually (for example, if you want to remove the hide option or change the significance level) using the relevant tabs on the Table Properties dialog.
To sort a table by column significance
1 In the Tables pane, select the table to which you want to apply the test.
2 Click Tables > Sort by Column Significance, or click the Sort by Column Significance button This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
3 The changes are applied to the table. Generate the table to see the results: click the Generate results toolbar button This graphic is described in the surrounding text..
If there are no significant results, an empty table is displayed.
See p values for more information.
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