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Add Difference Attributes dialog
Use the Add Difference Attributes dialog to specify the settings required to create a product difference test.
To open the Add Difference Attributes dialog
1 Create a table with either no variables or a single, non-grid variable on the side and a single, non-grid variable on the top.
2 In the Variables pane, use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select the variables you want to use as the difference attributes.
3 Click Tables > Add Difference Attributes
Difference attributes
Lists the variables that you have selected in the Variables pane. To change the difference attributes, press Cancel to return to the Variables pane.
Number of combinations
Select the number of combinations of attributes that you want to test. See Example of the Product difference test for more information.
Apply default statistics (column proportions)
By default, the column proportions test will be applied to the table with a significance level of 10%. To change this, clear Apply default statistics (column proportions), then use the Statistics tab of the Table Properties dialog to set the required statistical test and significance level.
Apply default hide rules
By default, results that are not significant at the selected significance level are not displayed in the table. If you want to see all results, deselect this box.
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