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Creating a table
You create tables by selecting variables on the Variables pane and adding them to the Design pane, then generating the results for the table.
To create a table
1 Do one of the following:
Click Tables > New > Table.
Press Ctrl+T.
Click the Create Table button This graphic is described in the surrounding text..
2 In the Design pane, enter a description for the table.
3 In the Variables pane, select a variable (or use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple variables).
To add all the variables in a folder, select the folder.
4 Drag the variables to the Add button to add them to the side of the table or the top of the table as required. If you have selected multiple variables, they are added in the order in which you selected them.
5 Choose the Results pane or press F5 to generate the table and display the results.
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