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Exporting results
I do not have the option to export data when viewing a file on the server. What should I do?
When using the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter desktop interface, you cannot export data from a file on the server. To export data from a file on the server, access the file from the Web interface.
When I attempt to export my results to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, I get a message about a security setting. What should I do?
The Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel exports use a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro. The macro is temporarily inserted into the template and removed at the end of the export process. This requires a security setting to be set. For information on how to change this setting, see Enabling security access for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint exports.
When I attempt to export my results to Microsoft Excel, the export fails with the message “Run-time error ‘1004’”. What should I do?
Install the latest Microsoft Office service pack. To check the software you have installed and upgrade if necessary, click Check for Updates on the Microsoft Excel Help menu to display the Microsoft Office Downloads page, where you can download the latest service pack.
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