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Unweighted data
I cannot use various options related to unweighted data when working with a file on the server. What should I do?
Contact your administrator. You might not have the appropriate access to work with unweighted data. Access settings apply to all files on the server, regardless of whether you are working with them through the Web or desktop interface of UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. See Viewing unweighted data for more information.
I cannot connect to UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Desktop Edition when using a fully qualified computer name
When a fully qualified computer name is used to access UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Desktop Edition or UNICOM Intelligence Author Server Edition on an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, the StartURL will need to be changed (via DPM) to the fully qualified computer name in order to prevent connection issues. Do not use a relative URL when updating the StartURL value.
I cannot connect to the database when attempting to access database questions?
A “Failure to connect to Database” error might occur when attempting to work with database questions in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Desktop Edition. This typically occurs when the running user (specified during installation) is a local user, but the database questions are defined with a trusted connection string. This scenario will result in a failure to connect to the selected database server. There are two solutions for this issue:
Provide the running user access to the database. Assign the proper access permissions to the running user in the database server security settings.
Change the running user to an authorized user in the IIS Directory Security setting.
Start IIS Manager on the database server and navigate to Default Web Site > SPSSMR > TabulationWebService.
Select the Directory Security tab and click Edit in the Authentication and access control section.
Change the running user to a database server authorized user.
Why are the keyboard shortcuts not working in when the application is run in a Citrix environment?
When running the application in a Citrix environment, the keyboard shortcuts/hot keys that are defined for the application might conflict with the default Citrix keyboard shortcuts. You can resolve the conflict by changing the conflicting Citrix keyboard shortcuts/hot keys. Refer to the following Citrix Knowledge Center article for more information: “How to Enable or Disable Hotkeys within an ICA file (including Template.ica”
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