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Combining categories in a grid
Grid questions frequently ask respondents to choose a rating on a predefined scale for a number of products in a list. Sometimes you might want to combine two ratings in a grid into a single rating, to create a "Top Two Box". For example, this table uses the rating grid variable in the Museum data set. The Slightly interested and Very interested categories have been combined to form a new Top Two Ratings category.
Table showing interest rating for galleries, with very interested and slightly interested categories combined
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To combine grid categories
1 In the Variables pane, expand the grid or loop.
2 Select the variable that is inside the grid or loop. This variable is often called Column.
3 Click Variables > Edit Variable.
This opens the Edit Variable window and displays a list of the categories in the variable.
4 Select the categories that you want to combine (use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select multiple categories).
5 From the menu choose Categories > Combine > Combine.
This replaces the selected categories with the new combined category.
6 Edit the default description for the new combined category.
7 Choose Save and Close from the toolbar.
8 Create a table using the grid variable. See To create a table using a grid variable for more information.
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