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Advanced variable definitions
You can create a new variable and specify the variable definition from scratch, rather than by starting from one or more existing variables.
To create a new variable
1 In the Variables pane, click the variable after which you want the new variable to appear. If you are using hierarchical data, the position you select before creating the variable defines the level of the variable. For example, if you click in the Person loop, the new variable will be at the Person level.
2 Do one of the following:
Click Variables > New
Press Ctrl+M.
The New Variable dialog box appears.
3 Select the default name NewVar and change it to a meaningful name for your variable. Ensure that the variable name conforms to the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter naming conventions.
4 A default description is displayed in a box beneath the name. You can edit this to give the new variable a meaningful description.
5 Select a variable type for the new variable from the list.
6 Click Select at the right of the Based on field. This displays the Create New Variable Based On dialog box, where you can enter the definition of the variable.
7 Click OK to return to the New Variable dialog.
8 For categorical variables, indicate whether the variable is a single response or a multiple response variable by using the Number of Responses dialog to specify how many responses can be recorded for a respondent. See Setting the number of responses in a variable for more information.
9 Make any further edits to the variable using the features in the New Variable dialog.
10 Choose Save and Close from the toolbar.
You can now use the new variable in your tables.
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