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Deleting variables
You can delete variables that you have created using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. This permanently deletes them from the table document (.mtd) file, so before deleting a variable, ensure that you will not require it at a later date. If you delete a variable that you have already added to a table, the variable is deleted from the Variables pane but remains on the table until you specifically delete it from that table.
You can also delete variables that come from the survey data file. The variables are permanently deleted from the table document (.mtd) file.
The variables are not deleted from the survey data file itself, so you can always return to the original variables by opening the file again using a new table document. If you edited the variable after opening the file, however, only the original variable will be available, not your edits.
An alternative method of removing a variable is to hide it so that it does not appear in the Variables pane. For more information, see Hiding variables.
To delete a variable
▪Right‑click the variable in the Variables pane, and then click Delete.
To delete changes to variables
You can delete the changes you have made to a variable. For categorical variables, this reinstates the categories and built-in items defined for the variable in the metadata. For all other variable types, this clears the axis expression. If the variable has an axis expression defined in the metadata, this does not restore it.
1 Double-click the variable in the Variables pane to open the Edit Variable dialog.
2 From the Edit Variable menu, menu, choose File > Clear Edit.
3 Choose Save and Close.
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