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Save Variable As
Use the Save Variable As dialog to save a variable based on an existing variable (leaving the original variable unchanged), or based on the combination of variables on the side or top of the table.
To display this dialog
Do one of the following:
Select a variable in the Variables pane, click Variables > Edit Variable, and then choose Save As from the menu or toolbar.
Select the top or side of a table, and then click Variables > New from Side or Top.
Enter a new name for the variable. Base the new variable's name on the name of the variable you are copying. For example, if the existing variable is called visits, you might call the new one visitsbanded, so that they appear next to each other in the Variables pane when it is in name order, and to identify the content of the new variable. Ensure that the variable name conforms to the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter Naming conventions.
Enter a meaningful description for the new variable.
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