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Insert Bands dialog
Use the Insert Bands dialog to create one or more bands for a numeric or date variable.
To open the Insert Bands dialog, open the Edit Variable or Edit Table Variable or New Variable dialog for a numeric variable. To open this dialog directly from the Edit Variable dialog, choose Categories > Insert Bands or click the Insert Bands button on the toolbar.
Get values from data
Choose this button to base your bands on the range of values collected from respondents. For example, in the Museum questionnaire, questions such as Number of Previous Visits question allow any response between 1 and 99, but if no respondent gave an answer of over 20 it makes sense to band on the respondent data rather than the whole of the valid range. The minimum and maximum values from the survey data are added to the From and To fields.
Enter the lowest value of the first band you want to add.
Enter the highest value of the final band you want to add.
Number of bands
Enter the number of bands you want to create.
Decimal places
Enter the number of decimal places you want to display for the bands.
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