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Edit Table Variable dialog
Use the Edit Table Variable dialog to specify the content of variables in the current table. If you want to make changes that will be stored in the variable for future tables, use the Edit Variable dialog, which you open using the Edit option on the Variables menu.
To open the Edit Table Variable dialog
Select a variable that you have added to the Design pane, and then choose Variables > Edit Table Variable from the menu.
Edit Variable menu
See UNICOM Intelligence Reporter main menus for more information.
Edit Variable toolbar
See Toolbar buttons for more information.
You cannot change the variable name in the Edit Table Variable dialog. To rename a variable, use the Variables pane. See Renaming variables for more information.
The default description is the variable's description (label) or the text of the question on which it is based. You can change the variable description if required. The description appears in the Results tab, if you have chosen to display variable descriptions.
Data type
Displays the variable's type.
Category list
The main section of the dialog displays a list of the categories in the variable. This list also includes other items that are part of the variable, for example, means, totals, or other items that you create.
Properties pane
The Properties pane is an advanced feature that you can use to view and edit the properties for categories and other items in a variable. See Edit Variable dialog: Properties pane for more information.
Script Pane
The Script pane is an advanced feature that you can use to display and edit the syntax for a variable. See Edit Variable dialog: Script pane for more information.
You cannot edit loops and grids in this dialog. However, provided you are using the hierarchical view, you can edit their descriptions in the Edit Variable dialog.
This dialog changes how the variable appear in only the current table. If you subsequently change the variable in the Edit Variable dialog, those changes are not applied to this table. (However, if you change the variable's description in the Edit Variable dialog, the changed description is applied to this table next time you populate it.)
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