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Overriding table weighting
You can override the table weighting for specific rows or columns so that they use a different weighting variable, or so that they are unweighted. This is an advanced feature that uses variable editing to change the weighting properties for categories in a variable.
These instructions assume that you want to override the weighting for a specific category in a variable, on every table where the variable appears in the table document. To apply the changes to the variable for a single table, select the variable on the table definition area in the Design pane and use the Edit Table Variable option on the menu.
To change the weighting for a row or column
1 Select the variable in the Variables pane.
2 Click Variables > Edit Variable.
3 In the list of categories that make up the variable, select the category you want to edit.
4 From the Edit Variable dialog menu, choose View > View Properties, or click the View Properties button on the toolbar.
The Edit Variable dialog: Properties pane appears. This lists all the properties that you can change for the selected category.
5 The box next to Override table weight using contains a list of all the variables that you can use to override the table weight. Select a variable from the list. If you want the category to be unweighted, select No weight.
6 Repeat for any other categories in the variable that you want to change, and then choose Save and Close from the toolbar.
7 Add the variable to a table, or regenerate existing tables that use the variable, to update the weighting.
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